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Below is the District of Port Hardy full document archive. Browse through municipallity annual reports, bylaws, council agendas, council meeting minutes, forms & applications, municipal hall reports, and newsletters.

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Special Meeting of Council April 11, 2017
Regular Council Meeting April 11, 2017
Committee of the Whole April 11, 2017
Regular Council Agenda
Special Meeting of Council Agenda
Bylaw 1057-2016 User Rates and Fees for 2017 CONSOLIDATED
Regular Council Meeting
Committee of the Whole Council Meeting
Special Council Meeting Minutes
Regular Council Agenda
Committee of the Whole Agenda
Special Meeting of Council Agenda
Special Meeting
Regular Minutes
Regular Minutes
Regular Council
Regular Council Agenda
Agent Authorization Form
Building Permit Application
Burning Permit Application
Business License Application
Bylaw Enforcement Complaint Form
Change of Address Notification
Development Permit, Development Variance Permit, Temporary Use Permit Application
Fireworks Consumer Fireworks or Display Fireworks Application
Fireworks Pyrotechnics Application
Minor Variance or Exemption
Parks Storey’s Beach Pavilion Rental Application
Parks & Beach Use Application
Permissive Exemption from Taxation Application