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2018 General Election

The Next General Election is Saturday October 20, 2018

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Voter Information


In order to be eligible to vote locally as a resident or non-resident property elector, a person must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older when they register to vote, or 18 years or older on general voting day,
  • Be a Canadian citizen,
  • Have been a resident of B. C. for at least six months before they register to vote,
  • Have either lived or owned property in the jurisdiction in which they intend to vote for at least 30 days before they register to vote, and
  • Not be disqualified under the Local Government Act, or any other enactment, or by law from voting in a local election

Voter Identification

When a resident elector is required to show two pieces of identification, the identification must prove who they are and where they live — including the person’s name and residential address. One of the pieces of identification must also include the person’s signature (such as a driver’s licence or BC Services Card). If neither piece of identification shows the elector’s residential address, they may make a solemn declaration as to their place of residence.

Non-resident property electors must prove who they are and where they live as well as provide the address or legal description and the title (or other proof of ownership) of the property in relation to which they are registering to vote. Non-resident property electors must also demonstrate to the presiding election official that they have the written consent of the majority of all owners to vote as the designated non-resident property elector if they own the property with another person.


Opportunities to vote

The District offers many opportunities to cast your ballot.

  • General Voting day from 8am -8pm Saturday October 20
  • Advance Voting in office from 9am-4pm Thursday October 18 and Friday October 19
  • Special Voting at Eagle Manor and Port Hardy Hospital (9120 Granville Street) 2:00pm Wednesday October 17
  • Advance Voting from 8am-8pm Wednesday October 10
  • Mail Ballot Voting (new in 2018)

Important Dates

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Characteristics of Effective Locally Elected Officials

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Testing Your Readiness for Local Office

Roles and Responsibilities of Elected Officials


In an effort to create awareness, the Local Government Management Association, Local Government Leadership Academy, Union of B.C. Municipalities and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing worked to develop the materials for a diverse audience of prospective candidates.

Elections BC


In accordance with the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act, for the 2018 general local election, the following expense limits for candidates during the campaign period apply:

Mayor $10,000

Councillor $5,000

Trustee $5,000



In accordance with the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act, for the 2018 general local election, the following third party advertising limits apply: