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Allison McCarrick

Chief Administrative Officer

District of Port Hardy

PO Box 68

Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0

Tel: 250 949 6665


Cannabis Legalization What You Need To Know

October 18, 2018

October 18, 2018


We have had lots of calls regarding the new Cannabis Legalization.

Here are some facts we would like to share


The Provincial Government launched Get Cannabis Clarity tool kit to assist with your questions regarding possession limits, home growing and travel


Cannabis Control and Licensing Act:

  • Maximum possession limit of 1,000 grams of dried cannabis, or equivalent, for non-public places, such as in a home.
  • Prohibits illegal retailers from advertising themselves as a licensed retailer and prohibits anyone from advertising a place as a location to consume cannabis or to go after consuming cannabis.
  • Provides exemptions for the consumption of medical cannabis on school property and on inter-city buses, trains and boats.
  • Establishes, in conjunction with the rules already established in the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act, a comprehensive set of rules for the public consumption of non-medical cannabis, including:
    No smoking or vaping in indoor public places, except in a designated room at assisted living or retirement facilities or hospitals; or in a hotel room by registered guests (the hotel may choose to prohibit);
  • No smoking or vaping of cannabis within six metres of doorways, windows, air intakes of public buildings, bus stops or bus shelters;
  • No smoking or vaping of cannabis on public patios;
  • No use of cannabis on any sidewalks/ boulevards adjacent to a school property under the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act. Note that the consumption of non-medical cannabis in any form in or on school property is prohibited;
  • No smoking or vaping of cannabis in regional and municipal parks, except for designated campsites;
  • No smoking or vaping of cannabis in provincial parks, except in designated smoking areas or as authorized by a park officer;
  • No use of cannabis on boats, except:
    • when in an assigned enclosed cabin on a commercially operated boat (the operator may still prohibit);
    • on a boat with sleeping accommodations, kitchen facilities and a toilet when moored or anchored; and
  • No cannabis use in vehicles, except in motorhomes or other motor vehicles, or campers, or trailers when parked off a public road or forest service road where camping is allowed and when being used as a private residence.

The District of Port Hardy has a Smoking Regulation bylaw 1068-2017

No person shall smoke in, at, on or within 6 metres of any of the following:

    1. any part of a park within the District of Port Hardy;
    2. a bus stop;
    3. a customer service area;
    4. any designated public space;
    5. any outdoor workplace.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call Heather Nelson-Smith at the District Office 250-949-6665