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    Community Press & News

    Community Press & News provides links to stock photos, Public Service Announcements and Press Releases which may be of interest to the media or the community at large. If you need additional information, or would like assistance in arranging a media event or interview, please contact:


    Heather Nelson-Smith

    Chief Administrative Officer

    District of Port Hardy

    PO Box 68

    Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0

    Tel: 250 949 6665


    Increased COVID-19 activity in Vancouver Island North Local Area

    November 19, 2021

    Read the message from Dr. Charmaine Enns

    November 18, 2021 regarding recent activity in Island North Health Area

    Highlights from the Public Health Officer

    Vaccination is safe, highly effective, and the single most important preventive measure a person can take to protect themselves, their families, and other persons with whom they come
    into contact from infection, severe illness and possible death from COVID-19. In particular:
    a. the vaccines available in British Columbia are highly effective, providing strong protection across all eligible age groups against infection and especially against severe
    b. most British Columbians have strong and durable protection from SARS-CoV-2 resulting from the extended interval between dose one and dose two that is being
    utilized in British Columbia;
    c. a full course of vaccine provides more effective and durable protection against infection and severe illness than natural immunity from prior COVID-19 infection
    alone, or natural immunity in combination with a single-dose of vaccine; and d. a full course of vaccine provides highly effective and durable protection from infection
    and in particular from severe illness resulting in hospitalization or death from the Delta variant with COVID-19, with illness being mostly milder in vaccinated people who
    become infected than in unvaccinated people.


    Unvaccinated people are at a significantly greater risk than vaccinated people of being infected with SARS-CoV-2, and those who are infected, experience significantly higher rates
    of hospitalization, ICU-level care and invasive mechanical ventilation, complications and death when compared with vaccinated people. Unvaccinated people are also at higher risk of
    transmitting SARS-CoV-2 to other people, including vaccinated people;