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    Animal Control

    There is no S.P.C.A. in Port Hardy.  The District of Port Hardy operates an Animal Control Shelter, which is designed primarily for the housing and care of dogs and cats that have been impounded or surrendered. The District has policies in place that specify the minimum standards of accommodation, management and care that are appropriate to the physical and behavioural needs of animals housed in the Port Hardy Animal Shelter.


    The Animal Control Officer is responsible for:

    • Ensuring public access to the Shelter every day within the hours of operation posted at the Shelter
    • Caring for all canines and felines delivered to the Shelter by Municipal employees or the public
    • Adopting out animals when possible
    • Collecting fees and fines as required
    • Cleaning the pound and carrying out minor repairs

    For more information on the Animal Control Shelter or on adopting a pet, call the Animal Control Officer at the numbers listed below.

    Click here for the Animal Care and Control Bylaw-11-2012 (Consolidated)



    Contact Information

    Telephone: 250-949-6113
    Cell Phone: 250-230-4408 (business hours)
    After Hours: 250-230-1337

    Hours of Operation

    Monday to Friday 8:00am-8:30am and 3:30pm-4:00pm

    Saturday and Sunday 8:30am-9:30am


    5060 Pioneer Way (off of Coal Harbour Road)


    Visit our Facebook Page to see animals currently in foster care or up for adoption