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    Bylaw Enforcement

    In British Columbia, Provincial legislation has delegated to municipalities the authority to regulate property and conduct of persons by bylaw, in relation to certain specific areas of jurisdiction. The majority of bylaws are regulatory in nature and are adopted by Council as a result of community demands or statutory requirements. Municipal bylaws have full force and effect as if they were pieces of Provincial legislation. The District has over 150 bylaws in effect. Many bylaws are repealed and have been replaced as newer versions are adopted and many have a finite life, such as financial bylaws.


    This electronic listing is provided for informational purposes only. The original, printed, signed and sealed copies – housed at the Municipal Hall – remain the official version.  To access the Bylaw Listing on this website please go to Bylaws.


    Most bylaw complaints can be handled by speaking with your neighbour and making him/her aware of your complaint. This should always be your first step. If this fails to get the desired results, the process for filing a bylaw complaint is as follows:

    • Present your written complaint to the District Office.
    • The Bylaw Enforcement Officer will investigate your complaint. If he/she determines that there is a bylaw infraction, he/she will contact the person involved, usually by mail. Where the complaint is about a property issue, we will contact the registered property owner and we may notify the occupier of the premises.
    • In extreme cases of non-compliance or repeated infractions, we may issue a fine or prosecute through the courts.

    The District office will receive complaints regarding any of our bylaws, provided:

    • The complaint is in writing.
    • The complainant identifies himself/herself, and
    • The complainant’s contact information is included.


    Reports of bylaw infractions may be made at the District Office by completing our Bylaw Enforcement / Bylaw Complaint Form, by letter or by e-mail to general@porthardy.ca We do not release the name of the complainants. However, we do require that all complainants identify themselves and that they be prepared to provide testimony in the event that it is necessary to proceed with formal charges. Anonymous complaints will not be investigated.