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Official Community Plan Review 2020


Key Contacts:

District of Port Hardy – Heather Nelson-Smith OCP@porthardy.ca

Urbanics Consulting – Ross Blackwell rblackwell@urbanics.com

OCP Open House #1 Kick Off Synopsis

Did you miss the Open House in January? Here you can read about what was presented and what we gathered.

We look forward to updating you on future events. If you should have any questions or comments about the OCP please email ocp@porthardy.ca.

Open House Update

Thanks to everyone who came to the Open House on Saturday.

In case you missed it, we created a short video so you can stay up to date. Don’t forget to subscribe for email updates.

If you want to submit comments, email us at ocp@porthardy,ca.



Official Community Plan Project Overview

Project Overview


An Official Community Plan review is an opportunity for the District of Port Hardy to ensure that the goals and objectives which were set out in the OCP adopted in 2011 are still important and relevant to the community now. This document is a long-term guiding document for the future of Port Hardy and future Councils will use this plan, created by the community, to guide their decision making in the future with respect to land use, social sustainability, climate and future growth.


Starting with the Project Kick Off January 25, 2020 at 3:00 pm in the Civic Centre and running through the duration of 2020 with the final adoption of the OCP completing in late 2020 early 2021.


The OCP reflects the community’s values and priorities as presented through its vision. When we set a clear vision today we can ensure that the District’s future growth will be in a way that is sustainable and provides a high quality of life for our current and future residents.


All District policies, plans and regulations MUST be in line with the OCP, so this is a powerful guide for District Council decision making. An effective OCP provides clear direction but does not preclude changes to the plan based on evolving circumstances or interpretation of policies by Council and staff. This is a living document.


An Official Community Plan (OCP) Review involves significant public involvement from the beginning to the end so that goals and policies reflect community concerns and hopes for the future. During an OCP update, the review process is open, transparent, and requires broad input from residents, elected officials, staff and stakeholders. It is the District’s goal to engage residents of all ages and backgrounds to participate in a wide number of activities over the review.


Email OCP@porthardy.ca