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    About the Official Community Plan review…

    Starting in February this year, the District of Port Hardy began a review of the Official Community Plan (OCP). Port Hardy’s current plan was adopted by Council in 2011. It is important that the plan be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure it continues to reflect the values, vision, and aspirations of the community. The review process is anticipated to take just over one year with the adoption of an Official Community Plan in late 2021.


    Help carry out the plan

    After the OCP has been completed, there are a couple of ways that you can get involved in carrying out some of it.

    • Volunteering: Making a plan is just the beginning of changing the community for the better. An effective plan needs to be carried out by residents, businesses, government agencies, community organizations, and other stakeholders. Volunteers often are essential to carrying out the plan’s recommendations. Non-profit organizations that are helping to carry out the plan in the community often rely on volunteers to carry out community service projects, such as helping to start a community garden.
    • Championing a specific issue as a project advocate: Plans often create new opportunities for individuals and non-profit organizations. Project advocates can help get the plan moving by starting new initiatives that address priorities raised by the plan, such as starting a community recycling program or training high school students for environment related projects.