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    How does COVID-19 affect the OCP update?

    The COVID-19 crisis has meant that the normal public input events that we were planning on holding have been put on hold.  We will be back up and running with normal public engagement events as soon as the Province provides the green light for larger public gatherings.  In the meantime, we will be providing more limited engagement through our online OCP platform.


    Our COVID-19 “alternate community engagement” program

    So hopefully we have convinced you to get involved in the OCP update process, but you don’t know where to start.  Normally, when we don’t have to contend with the COVID-19 crisis, you would be able to get involved in planning the future for Port Hardy in a variety of ways.  We intend on following through with these engagement opportunities as soon as there is a “green light” for public gatherings.  These upcoming opportunities will include:

    • Attend a meeting. Public meetings are an important part of the planning process. They’re an opportunity to learn more about your community, get information about the potential elements of the proposed plan, and provide your own ideas and feedback.
    • Participate in a community survey or focus group. We will be undertaking community surveys and small meetings of community stakeholders (focus groups) to gather information about current conditions in Port Hardy and what people would like to see happen in the future.
    • Help collect information and meet your neighbors. You can help collect information and ideas that can be used in the plan with your friends, on your street or even your neighbourhood.  By hosting kitchen table discussions around each of the bi-weekly themes we will be posting online, you can download the key information pertaining to the topic of your interest, host conversation events and provide feedback via our website.
    • Get involved in an OCP workshop. We will be hosting workshops that help get community stakeholders more deeply involved in discussing the issues in the OCP.  We use the ideas and feedback of community stakeholders to help shape the future direction for Port Hardy.