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Scavenger Hunt

June is Recreation and Parks Month

Scavenger Hunt:

Week One June 3rd – 8th 

Week Two June 10th – 15th 

Week Three June 17th – 22nd

Week Four June 24th – 29th

Participate in the Parks and Recreation Scavenger Hunt! We are looking to promote local parks/green spaces and trails, so instead of looking for an object, you will be looking for a park/green space or trail. Beginning June 3rd one clue will be released each day (Monday to Friday only) on:

There will be one scavenger hunt per week (four total). Once you figure out what park/green space or trail the clues are leading to, take a selfie by the park sign or an identifying landmark and show the photo to the Port Hardy Recreation front desk staff or email to melinda@porthardy.ca by midnight Saturday of each week.


Each week all submissions that have submitted a selfie in the correct location will be put in for a draw at the end of the week to receive a punch card pass (11 admissions) for the recreation center.


Don’t stop after the first week; if you continue to find the other parks/green spaces in the weeks to come, your name will be entered into the draw for that week.



Aquafit “Bring a Friend”, two for one admission on Friday June 21st at the Port Hardy Pool.


Bike/Walk Work or Play a Sport

We encourage everyone to post /send pictures of them walking, biking, or playing their favorite sport through the month of June. #JRPM2019 #PORTHARDY


*By participating in any of these activities you are authorizing the District of Port Hardy to use the participants submissions (selfies/photographs) for promotional and reporting purposes. *