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    Water & Sewage



    Annual water conservation measures typically come into effect May 1. This year an unseasonably dry winter, predictions of drought conditions, and high water demand, highlight the need to conserve water sooner. Established and enforceable by bylaw, each water conservation level guides residential and commercial water use through a step-wise restriction of non-essential activities. By taking action earlier through community-wide measures, together, we can curb over-consumption, reduce waste, and conserve water and ensure a sustainable supply and availability for all users during drier times.

    What can you do?

    1. Stay informed! Know the latest water conservation status.
    2. Follow the watering restrictions and permitted uses by stage.
    3. Spread the word! Help educate neighbours, family, friends, and visitors to the community on the water conservation stage.

    Water Conservation:

    Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility. Here’s a few of our favourite at-home water conservation tips to get you started:

      1. Fix leaky faucets or broken fixtures.
      2. Take shorter showers or shallower baths.
      3. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
      4. Fill the sink when washing dishes, rather than running the tap and washing items individually.
      5. Fill a jug of water and store in the fridge for fresh, cold water rather than running the tap to get the desired cooler temperature.
      6. Plant drought-friendly trees, shrubs, and vegetation.
      7. Water the garden & plants in the early morning or later in the evening, when temperatures are cooler and evaporation rates are lower.
      8. Equip hoses with a water controlled nozzle.
      9. Use a rain barrel to collect rain water.
      10. Water recycle when possible.

    For more water conservation tips visit: CMHCs 2014 Guide to Household Water Efficiency


    Along side the community, Council and District staff have been hard at work to identify opportunities to ensure a sustainable water supply, year-round. Here’s what the District is doing:

      • Community education campaign.
        Keeping the community informed on the current conservation status, staff will be sharing alerts, changes in watering restrictions, water conservation tips, and providing additional information and resources through our communication channels.
      • Capital planning and asset management.
        Through this process, Council and staff  identify aging infrastructure, plan for replacement and apply for external grants and other sources of funding to support repair and replacement costs. An example of this is the planned replacement of the second water reservoir tower at the Port Hardy Water Treatment Plant; once this project is complete, water storage capacity will increase significantly for the community.
      • Researching and trialing water metering tools.
        Identifying new and innovative options to monitor consumption, identify leaks and track water use trends and demand will allow for more responsive management.
      • Bylaw enforcement. Bylaw enforcement officers and delegated staff are prepared to respond to reports of infractions. By notifying the District when an infraction occurs, staff can inform violators of our shared responsibility and requirement to follow water conservation measures, and take further action as necessary.
      • Researching alternate water sources for emergency use.


    Level 1 Watering Restrictions by Heather Nelson-Smith

    Water Restriction Links:

    Water & Sewer Services

    The District of Port Hardy provides quality water and sewer services to Port Hardy residents. The District bills local residents for these services quarterly. Payment is due 40 days after the invoice date. Utility amounts not paid by the due date are penalized at 2.5%. Seniors aged 65 and over who pay their utility bill on time may be eligible for a discount.





    Phone: 1-800-474-6886

    If you have any water or wastewater service related questions please contact the District at 250-949-7779 or email pw@porthardy.ca.


    Water Shutoff

    • For water shutoff requests, please call 250-949-7779. Call 949-7505 if outside of regular hours.
    • We require your name, address and phone number and also 48 hours notice (not including weekends and statutory holidays) so that we may schedule our staff accordingly.
    • There is no charge for the shutoff and it must take place during regular working hours, Monday to Friday (not including statutory holidays). We will attend to turn the water off and the homeowner or the plumber can call 250-949-7779 when they are ready to have the water turned back on.
    • If it is an emergency (i.e. a water line break), we will attend immediately.

    Water & Sewer Annual Operational Reports