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    In British Columbia, Provincial legislation has delegated to municipalities the authority to regulate property and conduct of persons by bylaw, in relation to certain specific areas of jurisdiction. The majority of bylaws are regulatory in nature and are adopted by Council as a result of community demands or statutory requirements. Municipal bylaws have full force and effect as if they were pieces of Provincial legislation. The District has over 150 bylaws in effect. Many bylaws are repealed and have been replaced as newer versions are adopted and many have a finite life, such as financial bylaws.
    This electronic listing is provided for informational purposes only. The original, printed, signed and sealed copies - housed at the Municipal Hall - remain the official version.  
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    Tree Protection, Bylaw 24-2005
    Unsightly Premises Consolidated Bylaw 10-2008
    User Rates and Fees for 2017 Bylaw 1057-2016 CONSOLIDATED
    User Rates and Fees for 2018 Bylaw 1073-2017
    User Rates and Fees for 2019 Amendment Bylaw 1092-2019
    User Rates and Fees for 2019 Amendment Bylaw 1096-2019
    User Rates and Fees for 2019 Bylaw 1090-2018 CONSOLIDATED
    User Rates and Fees for 2020 Bylaw 1102-2019 CONSOLIDATED
    User Rates and Fees For 2022 Bylaw No. 1144-2022 – Consolidated
    Vacant Property Bylaw 09-2012
    Water Conservation Bylaw 1050-2016 CONSOLIDATED
    Water Regulations Bylaw 02-2012 CONSOLIDATED
    Zoning Bylaw 1010-2013 Consolidated
    Zoning Maps Bylaw 1010-2013 March 2018