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Below is the District of Port Hardy full document archive. Browse through municipallity annual reports, bylaws, council agendas, council meeting minutes, forms & applications, municipal hall reports, and newsletters.

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Active Transportation Plan Survey#1
2020 Newsletter- October
2020 Newsletter- July
Alternate Approval Process – Electoral Response Form
COVID-19 Facility Use Safety Application
2019 Annual Report with Financial Statements
Tourism Advisory Committee – Terms of Reference 2020
2019 Statement of Financial Information
Boatyard & Haul-Out Facility Feasibility Study & Report RFP
Tax Rates for 2020 Bylaw 1111-2020
2019 Consolidated Financial Statements
2020 Newsletter- April
2018 Water Treatment Plant Annual Report
2018 Airport Wastewater Treatment Annual Report
2018 Tsulquate Wastewater Treatment Annual Report
Bylaw 1102-2019 User Rates and Fees for 2020 CONSOLIDATED
Bylaw 05-2010 Fireworks Regulations CONSOLIDATED
Annual Financial Plan 2020-2024 Bylaw 1104-2020 Consolidated
2020 Newsletter- January
2019 Newsletter – October
2019 Newsletter- July
User Rates and Fees for 2019 Amendment Bylaw 1096-2019
User Rates and Fees for 2019 Amendment Bylaw 1092-2019
Tax Rates for 2019 Bylaw 1095-2019
Revenue Anticipation (Borrowing) for 2019 Bylaw 1089-2018
Regular Council Meeting Minutes June 25, 2019
Committee of the Whole Minutes June 25, 2019
Regular Council Agenda July 9, 2019
Regular Council Minutes June 11, 2019
Committee of the Whole Minutes June 11, 2019