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    Below is the District of Port Hardy full document archive. Browse through municipality annual reports, bylaws, council agendas, council meeting minutes, forms & applications, municipal hall reports, and newsletters.

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    July 2024 Newsletter
    2023 Statement of Financial Information
    Financial Statements 2023
    2023 Annual Report
    Election Procedures Bylaw No. 1149-2022
    Bylaw No. 1170-2024 Officers Powers and Duties
    Bylaw No. 1173-2024 Financial Plan for 2024-2028
    Bear Cove Marina Reservation Application & Moorage Agreement
    Tax Rates for 2024 Bylaw 1174-2024
    April 2024 Newsletter
    BB-STVR Guide
    CAO Report first half 2023
    Strategic Plan 2023-2026 At a Glance
    Strategic Plan 2023-2026
    2023 Water Treatment Plant Annual Report
    2022 Water Treatment Plant Annual Report
    Bylaw No. 1171-2024 User Rates and Fees for 2024
    January 2024 Newsletter
    2024 Garbage & Recycling Calendar
    2024 Council & Committee Meeting Schedule
    2022 Statement of Financial Information
    2021 Statement of Financial Information
    Active Transportation Plan
    October 2023 Newsletter
    April 2022 Newsletter
    July 2022 Newsletter
    November 2022 Newsletter
    July 2023 Newsletter
    April 2023 Newsletter
    2022 Annual Report