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Current Council Members / Bios

District Council Intro

The  level of government closest to the citizens of this community is the District of Port Hardy Municipal Government, where the elected Mayor and Council set policy on how staff and contractors provide many critical services to the community.


2014-2018 Port Hardy District Council 

Back Row: Councillor Fred Robertson, Councillor Leightan Wishart, Mayor  Hank Bood, Councillor Rick Marcotte
Front Row: Councillor Dennis Dugas, Councillor Pat Corbett-Labatt, Councillor John Tidbury


(Not in picture: Councillor Jessie Hemphill – resigned September 2016)



Hank Bood

Tel: 250 949 7635
Email: hbood@porthardy.ca

Hank was born in 1952 in Saltcoats, Saskatchewan, shortly after his parents had emigrated from Holland. In 1954, the family moved to the Comox Valley where Hank enjoyed an active childhood as the third eldest of six children. He met Colleen at high school and in 1973 they were married. Shortly afterwards, they relocated to Port Hardy with a vision of starting a family business. Though barely in their twenties, Hank and Colleen arrived with optimism and ambition and opened Port Hardy’s first footwear retailer, Bood’s Bootery. The following year they welcomed their daughter Leah, the first of four children they would have over the next six years.


Hank’s introduction to public service occurred in the mid 1970’s when he learned the Port Hardy Fire Department was looking for volunteers. Being in town and close by during the day made Hank a prime candidate, so he volunteered and spent the next ten years as a volunteer fire fighter. He also volunteered as a member of the District’s Advisory Planning Committee which made recommendations to Council on land use planning and zoning issues. Hank worked hard to balance his business and civic responsibilities, and the needs of his young family.


Hank first entered politics in 1999, being elected one of six rookie councillors. His business background proved a valuable asset with Hank leading the effort to trim the town’s budget, given that Port Hardy had just lost its major employer and tax base. Hank was appointed by Council to act as a director on both the regional district and regional hospital boards where he learned the ins and outs of regional government.


In 2002 Hank took a break from politics, but in 2005 he declared his intention to run for Mayor of Port Hardy and in November of that year, he was elected to that office. The following years were good for the District and fulfilling for Hank. His experience as a councillor had taught him the importance of working collaboratively with municipal staff and together they celebrated many achievements.


Following his term as Mayor, Hank took time off to focus on the needs of his family. Though the past few years have been challenging, Hank’s commitment to his community has been unwavering. As a long term Port Hardy resident with years of council experience, Hank recognizes the importance of community sustainability. He is devoted to the well-being and prosperity of Port Hardy and is thrilled to serve as your mayor.


Serves on: Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Regional District of Mt. Waddington Board, Regional Hospital Board, Island Coast Economic Trust, Municipal Insurance Association.


Patricia Corbett-Labatt

Tel: 250 230 6488
Email: pcorbett-labatt@porthardy.ca

Councillor Corbett-Labatt was born in PEI into an Air Force family and over the years lived on several air force bases and communities across Canada and in Germany. Pat moved to Port Hardy in 1975, where she established her career, put down roots, learned how to fish, and entrenched herself into the community. Even while raising a family, taking courses, and working full-time, Pat has always been an active and involved member of the Port Hardy community. Now retired she feels her educational qualifications (highest credential Masters of Adult Education), administrative, and committee experience will be useful tools in being a Port Hardy councillor.



Away from council, Pat enjoys fishing, gardening, being with her family, and travelling.


Serves on: Executive Committee, Finance Committee, First Nations Relations Committee (Chair), Parks ,Recreation, Arts & Culture Committee, Mount Waddington Table of Partners,  Hardy Bay Seniors Citizens Society and the Port Hardy Twinning Society.


Dennis Dugas

Tel: 250 902 9446
Email: ddugas@porthardy.ca

Dennis Dugas moved to Port Hardy in 1970 from Saskatoon,   Saskatchewan to work for MacMillan Bloedel (M&B) in the logging industry.  Married in 1973 to Louise Crookall they raised one daughter and two sons in Port Hardy and their sons and their grandchildren still reside in the community.  Dennis started working for the District of Port Hardy in 1974 in the Public Works Department, moved to EPCOR Water Services for thirteen years and then back to employment with the District, retiring in October 2014.  Over the past 40 years Dennis has been involved with a number of community groups and activities including; minor hockey, slow-pitch, old-timers hocking, curling, hiking, camping, fishing and enjoying the natural beauty of Port Hardy.

Most recently Dennis has been a member and vice-president of the Port Hardy & District Chamber of Commerce and a member of the FILOMI Days Committee. Dennis is honoured to have been elected as a councillor and looks forward to serving the residents of Port Hardy for the next four years.


Serves on: Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Operational Services Committee Community Consultative Committee, Bear Smart Port Hardy, Tourism Advisory Committee, Vancouver Island North Tourism Committee.


Rick Marcotte

Tel: 250 902 1199
Email: rmarcotte@porthardy.ca

Councillor Marcotte was born in Hudson Bay Junction, Saskatchewan, moved to White Rock BC and completed his schooling in that community.  Rick moved to Port Hardy in 1969 to work at Seafood Products. In 1982 Rick became involved in 7Hills Golf Course as founding member and has served on the Board and is a past president. Rick continues to enjoy playing golf on a regular basis.

Serves on: Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Operational Services Committee (Chair), Community Consultative Committee, Emergency Planning Committee, Scott Islands Advisory Committee, Tourism Advisory Committee and the Municipal Insurance Association (alternate).


Fred Robertson

Tel: 250 949 0499
Email: frobertson@porthardy.ca

Serves on: Executive Committee, Finance Committee,  Parks & Recreation Review Committee (chair), Vancouver Island Regional Library, Job Fair Committee, Mt. Waddington Table of Partners, Regional District of Mount Waddington Board (alternate) Regional District of Mount Waddington Hospital Board (alternate), BC Ferries Northern Advisory, Port Hardy Heritage Society and the Poverty Pilot Program, Marine Plan Partnership (alternate)


John Tidbury

Tel: 250 902 7218
Email: jtidbury@porthardy.ca

Serves on: Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Emergency Planning Committee,  Regional District Mt. Waddington Board, Regional District Hospital Board, Mt. Waddington Regional Transportation Committee, North Island Regional Emergency Planning Committee,  Municipal Insurance Association (alternate) and  the Vancouver Island North Woodlands Advisory Group.


Leightan Wishart

Tel: 250 949 1949
Email: lwishart@porthardy.ca

Elected by acclamation in October 2016.


I was born and raised in New Westminster and moved to Port Hardy at the beginning of 1990 with my wife and two sons.  I worked for EJ Klassen from January 2nd 1990 until September 2014 when I retired.  I was elected to the school board in 2001 and became Chair in 2008.


I want to see the community continue to survive and thrive.


Serves on: Executive Committee, Finance Committee, First Nations Relations Committee, Operational Services Committee, Parks and Recreation Committee, Emergency Planning Committee (Chair) Cannabis Advisory Planning Committee, Port Hardy Fire Rescue, Regional District of Mount Waddington Board (alternate) Regional District of Mount Waddington Hospital Board (alternate), Vancouver Island Regional Library (alternate), Marine Plan Partnership, Collaborative Health Care Working Group

E-MAIL: For security reasons, the District of Port Hardy e-mail system does not accept messages from addresses that appear suspicious in any way. If you have contacted a Council member by e-mail and do not receive a timely response, please contact the District of Port Hardy at general@porthardy.ca or call 250-949-6665.