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    RFQ 1220-20-567-2022 FIRE SAFETY

    April 29, 2022

    RFQ 1220-20-567-2022



    The District of Port Hardy is requesting quotations for the testing and service of emergency fire alarm systems including fire extinguishers at the following facilities:


    • Public Works Yard – 8900 Park Drive + Vehicles
    • Water Treatment Plant – 7600 Duval Forest Service Road
    • Tsulquate Wastewater Treatment Plant – 8800 Park Drive
    • Airport Wastewater Treatment Plant – 3675 Byng Road
    • Fire Hall #1 – 8890 Central Street + Apparatus
    • Fire Hall #2 – 4985 Beaver Harbour Road + Apparatus
    • Peel Street Liftstation – 5201 Beaver Harbour Road
    • Fort Rupert Reservoir – Fort Rupert Road
    • Bear Cove Reservoir – 6620 Thomas Way
    • Museum – 7110 Market Street
    • Municipal Hall – 7360 Columbia Street
    • Visitor’s Centre – 7250 Market Street
    • Library – 7110 Market Street
    • Aquatic Centre -7400 Columbia Street
    • Don Cruikshank Arena- Columbia Street.


    Work to Include:
    • Inspection and servicing of fire extinguishers
    • Inspection, testing and servicing of fire alarm systems
    • Inspection, testing and servicing of smoke detectors, pull stations and alarm bells
    • Inspection, testing and servicing of all emergency lights, and emergency exits.
    The list of assets to be inspected need to be inspected may not be in Schedule A. If an asset is missing, the successful proponent may add it to the list at the quoted unit rate. Written reports of work performed to be supplied to the District prior to final invoicing.
    Based on a review of responses to this RFQ, the District of Port Hardy intends to select a Proponent who would then be invited to enter into a contract for provision of the services described in this RFQ.
    Proponents are requested to review the RFQ document prior to submitting a quotation.


    ADDENDUM #1 – May 5/22




    Submission Details:


    One (1) copy of the responses are to be in sealed envelopes or packages marked with the Respondent’s Name and marked “Testing & Service of Emergency Fire Alarm Systems & Fire Extinguishers” or emailed to tenders@porthardy.ca.


    Quotations are to be submitted to Reception prior to:


    2:00 PM Pacific Time on May 27th, 2022 to the attention of:

    Kam So, Director of Engineering and Operations
    District of Port Hardy
    7360 Columbia Street
    Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0