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Community Press & News

Community Press & News provides links to stock photos, Public Service Announcements and Press Releases which may be of interest to the media or the community at large. If you need additional information, or would like assistance in arranging a media event or interview, please contact:


Allison McCarrick

Chief Administrative Officer

District of Port Hardy

PO Box 68

Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0

Tel: 250 949 6665


Fort Rupert Water Reservoir Activation NOTICE

January 15, 2019

To all Residents in the areas of:

  • Beaver Harbour
  • Fort Rupert Reserve
  • Byng Road/Airport
  • Peel, Fanshawe, Weynton and Dodd

Please be advised effective Tuesday January 29th, 2019 the District of Port Hardy will be activating the newly constructed Fort Rupert Road Water Reservoir.


As a result, residents can anticipate that water supply main pressure will be increase 10 to 15 psi. The area affected by this will be from Fort Rupert Road east along Byng Road to the Port Hardy Airport and from Byng Road/ Beaver Harbour Road intersection along Beaver Harbour Road to Storey’s Beach Road (Ball Park). This pressure increase will not have an adverse effect on municipal infrastructure (water distribution mains) and will keep our line pressures well below the maximum allowable municipal mainline pressure of 123 psi.  (MMCD Standards).


All residents are advised to check the condition and setting of their residential Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) to ensure the integrity of their plumbing and appliances are not impacted.

For more information regarding this notice please contact the Operational Services Department at the above listed numbers. For information about residential PRV’s please see attached FAQ sheet or consult your local plumber.