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COVID 19 Resource and Information Page

The more people you hang out with, the higher your risk of being exposed to and spreading COVID-19. Do your part: socialize safely.
That means:
• If sick, stay home — no exceptions
• Stay 2m apart
• Keep your groups small
• Don’t share drinks or smokes
• Avoid crowded, closed or indoor spaces
• Have a designated contact keeper at parties
• Don’t party with people you don’t know
Remember: your choices make a difference – you can keep others in your community safe.

It is important to remember ‘Let’s bend the curve, not the rules’ ~Dr. Bonnie Henry 

Port Hardy Welcomes BC Visitors

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Connect with us:

Municipal Hall – 250-949-6665


Island Health’s COVID-19 Test Call Centre number is: 1-844-901-8442 (open 7-days a week)

BC Ferries Travel Advisories

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Social Distancing 

Social distancing is a way that we can slow the spread of COVID-19 by limiting close contact with others. Even though we are not sick, we should still keep about two meters (six feet) or the length of a queen-sized bed from one another when we can when outside our homes.

All users of Parks and Trails are required to keep their Social Distance (minimum 2 metres) while using to ensure the spread of COVID -19 is reduced. AVOID Gatherings.

Municipal Hall and the Public Works Yard are open to the public during regular office hours. Please ensure that you follow all signage for the safety of you and our staff.